Monday, September 6, 2010

Bike City

Charmingly flattering photo of me on the rented bike we had to take a guided tour of three of Lima´s suburbs - Miraflores, Barranco, and Chorillos. Jose was our informative and rad guide who gave us a geographical, historical and socio-political insight into Lima´s past. It never rains in Lima, get a load of that! Everything that is green is extensively hand watered every day. Vultures are protected because back in the day when open sewers were a problem they took care of the dead bodies (mostly animals friends, don´t worry). Chile attacked these areas back in the late 1800´s which destroyed a lot of the old bulidings as did earthquakes in 1940, 1970, and 1974. Good old capitalist privatisation destroyed their fair share of heritage buildings and the very capable tram system. We cruised around back streets and busy roads waving to Peruanos as we went. 4 hours of good times. 
Church at Parque Central Miraflores. If you look really close at the top of the right hand pillar there is a sleeping cat. This park has 80 odd cats chilling.
Southern Lima coastline, just out of the old fishing town of Chorillos (now a poorer outskirt suburb of Lima). Below, a fountain in Chorillos.

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  1. what?!?! a kitty all the way up there? how, oh how did he get up there? beautiful photos, and even more beautiful descriptive words, from 2 of the most beautiful people. keep them coming, and stay safe.
    lots of love