Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lima has sweet buildings

We are having difficulty uploading photos so this is all you get at this juncture. This building is down the road from where we are staying in the district of Barranco. Barranco used to be an area for the wealthy back in Colonial times, hence the princely architecture. The wealthy fled the area some time ago so now everything is charmingly crumbled and faded. As in many cities, this area has been taken over by artists and students so there´s a plethora of rad bars and restaurants for us to patronise.
We´ve walked along the seaside cliffs. We´ve eaten ceviche accompanied by a big ole jug of beer. We´ve sucessfully communicated in Spanish at times. We´ve misunderstood at times. I bought an alpaca wool sweater (jersey for the kiwis) which I bartered for. I never barter. Total success story. Today we ate lunch in a food court mall and did not have KFC or shitty Chinese. We ate chorizo and tacu tacu. More success! We walked to Miraflores (tourist central) and booked a bike tour for Monday morning. Darren wanted to master Lima´s public transport, I was hesitant. Urged on by D, we waited and hopped the next bus that had "Barranco" scribbled on its side. 3 minutes later we emerged from the bus down the street from our hostel. Supreme success!!
Right now, Darren is whipping up some "dos minutos fideos con brĂ³coli, ajo y zanahoria" (2 minute noodles with veges). Tonight we´re hoping to find some live local music. Stay tuned amigos.

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