Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lima beans

Marcos, a troubador. At Posada de los Angels, Barranco, Lima. We hung out here last night and drank sangria. It was cozy and cute and the smell of cigarettes smoked indoors reminded me of the olden days. Lima is really laid back and they do the nightlife right. Things don´t start going until 10pm and goes until 3 or 4am.

Me on Lima cliffs. Flower nerds note the morning glory! This was a sunny break. Usually very low hanging cloud is present making for melancholy skies not unlike Vancouver 8 months of the year, with one notable exception, rain. Not one drop has fallen the whole 4 days we´ve been here. We´ve walked back and forth along these cliffs several times. Today we walked along the beach to El Parque del Amor at the top of the cliffs in Miraflores. I napped on the grass. I´ve been doing a lot of that, sleeping. I´ve been enjoying 8+ hours of uninterupted sleep every night which, while nothing new for Darren, is a blissful experience of the kind I have not experienced in several months. I should buy shares in an ear plug company. Bloody miracles. Dark rooms or my handy sleeping mask help too. Tomorrow we are taking a 15 hour overnight bus up into the mountains to Arequipa (half way to Cusco and the Inca trail). I will let you all know if my attempt to buy Valium over the counter was a success or not and whether I needed it for the trip. So far we are having a wonderful happy sublime time with lots of shared romantic moments of "OhI´msogladwe´redoingthisIloveyou"so maybe all I´ll need is Darren´s arm to clutch at. Works well going through turbulence at 30,000 feet.
Piccarones! Darren caught wind of these deep fried desserty concotions with that fine tuned Dutch sweet tooth of his mere moments into our first foray out into Lima and has been hankering to try them ever since. Prompted for a quote Darren says of them "Tastes like Ollie Bollin (sp?)" which means nothing unless you´re of Dutch descent. My take, a fairly dismissive "meh" but I was stuffed full of antichochos (enormous beef kebabs) and seafood at time of tasting. I´m sure if I was wasted at 3am, I´d be all "NOM NOM F**K YEAH NOM". Postscript, Peruvian beer is good.

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  1. Hey guys, you seems have a wonderful time. Your trip must be amazing.